Mrs. Eddy has been one of the world's greatest benefactors

Boston Traveler

Mrs. Eddy has been one of the world's greatest benefactors. Her followers will say more than that, perhaps, but there is no reason why even her enemies should say less. Regardless of differences of faith or philosophy, the world must recognize, in her work, a vast contribution to human happiness. Certain it is that Mrs. Eddy found the world full of doubt and despondency, and gave it a larger measure of brightness and hope. She taught the weak that they need not be weak, the sick that they might be well, the suffering that they had it within themselves to end their wretchedness. Those who were ailing, physically or mentally, were enabled, as she herself had been, to become strong in soul and body. Neurasthenia and melancholy yielded to the gospel of optimism.

Call it what you will, it is a fact that Christian Scientists, as a class, are healthy, hopeful, happy, and prosperous. And Christian Science modes of thought have permeated the thinking of the world, outside the pale of the church. It is a great thing to be a teacher when the teaching bears such fruit. And as Mrs. Eddy, full of years, goes to her rest, the world is full of gratitude for the good she has done.

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