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TeenConnect: Up Front


Your healing matters

By Jenny Sawyer
July 13, 2017

When I woke up in pain one morning recently, the first thing I did was to log on to this website to read testimonies of healing. Your testimonies. I don’t remember how many I read, but it was probably at least a dozen. As I did, something really cool happened. Continue Reading.

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'She was threatening to jump'

By Katiana Cokinos

One sunny Saturday afternoon, my friend and I decided to take a shopping trip. As we were driving along a large bridge, she noticed a car parked on the shoulder with its emergency lights flashing, and soon we saw a woman climbing over the concrete wall of the bridge. It seemed like she was planning to jump off. We pulled over, and I got out of my car to catch the woman’s attention. Continue Reading.

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Your Healings

Off to practice—trusting God

By Anna Christian McMullen

I thought that by being prepared, I could rely on myself to have everything that I needed. But during softball season my senior year in college, I had an experience that reminded me that relying on myself to make things happen often falls short of an answer; whereas, looking to God as my source, the real and only cause, is what’s actually effective. Continue Reading.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic
That's Classic: 'Friend zone' frustration replaced by gratitude

By Melissa Workman

The more time she spent with her favorite guy friend, the more the voice inside her said, "This is it." But when her guy friend didn't have the same feelings, this author turned to prayer to deal with friend zone frustration.

Sentinel Cover: Featured Print Teen Article
From the SentinelPrayer on the sidelines

By Liam Peschke

When this soccer player was hit with pain out of nowhere, it was hard for him not to feel frustrated about being sidelined. But as he became more focused on the spiritual lessons he was learning, instead of how long the healing was taking, he began making progress.

TeenConnect: Deep Dives

Deep Dives: You can pray about loneliness (part two)
By Jenny Sawyer with Curt Wahlberg

Today, even though we’re more connected than ever, a lot of us still feel pretty lonely. Here’s how we can pray about loneliness—for ourselves and the world.

Q&A: Empowered to help
By Judy Olson

Can you help bring healing to a situation, even if someone hasn’t specifically asked you to pray for them? Yes. Here’s how: Start by keeping your own thoughts close to God. More from this series

Your Healings: A quick healing at camp

By Lindsey Browning

When a wasp stung her on the hand, this camp counselor immediately prayed—and was healed! More from this series

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Healing animosity

Judy Cole, CS, from Rochester, Michigan, USA.

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