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Your Healings

How to make a difficult decision

By Grant Clifford

I was not doing well in school. During my freshman and sophomore years, my grades were low, reflecting my lack of care for my schoolwork and classes. By the end of sophomore year, I knew I had to make a change, because my current school environment just wasn’t working for me. But how do you make a decision that could change your life forever?

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Your Healings

How do you think about your rivals?

By Soliana Doutrich

We were a week out from a soccer tournament against our biggest rivals when the trash-talking started. My teammates kept going on about how much we hated our rival team and the awful things they’d done. We’d definitely had some negative encounters with this team during past games, but to be honest, it seemed like my teammates were mostly using the trash talk to hype all of us up before the big match.

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That's Classic

Into the great unknown

By Jenny Sawyer

Does the future feel like it’s full of unknowns? This author thought so until she prayed and got a new view of God and His creation, which offered reassurance, clarity, and direction.


Impossible to ignore

By Rosalie Dunbar

What’s with all Mary Baker Eddy’s statements about the “nothingness” and “unreality” of evil? Did she mean we should just turn a blind eye to the bad stuff? On the contrary, Mrs. Eddy expected Christian Scientists to be actively praying for our world, and her statements about evil give us the tools to do so.



How I stopped fighting with my sister

By Marilyn Wickstrom

The only thing she and her sister had in common were their constant disagreements. But this author had a desire to think and act differently, and one day that prayer was answered in a totally unexpected way.

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Your healings

Healing on—and off—the court

By Dylan Ouderkirk

It was the beginning of the tennis season when this athlete fell during practice and injured her wrist. She couldn’t seem to shake the worry that she’d be off the court for a while, but then she realized she had another option: She could pray.

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Your healings

A healing during lockdown

By Drew Bosman

With a stay-at-home order in place for his city, this teen was doing what he could to have fun and stay active. But when he got injured playing basketball, it seemed too unfair. Now how was he going to pass the time during lockdown? Prayer helped him turn his mind-set—and the injury—around.

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Daily Lift

Hungering after righteousness

Susanne Van Eyl, from Richmond, Texas, USA

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