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How to stop a suicide

By Jenny Sawyer
February 24, 2017

I want to tell you a story about a girl who thought she wanted to commit suicide. This isn’t a story about why she wanted to or what she did, but about how Christian Science saved her. It’s a story about how to stop a suicide.

The particulars of this girl’s story aren’t really important. What you need to know is that she felt worthless, hopeless, and alone. Continue Reading.

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A spiritual approach to sports?

By Mark Swinney

Q: I’m an athlete and a Christian Scientist. How can I think about athletics from a Christian Science perspective when sports and physical activity seem so material?

A: Thinking spiritually about athletics. What does that mean? It’s going beyond physical actions, championships, and statistics. It means exploring a much bigger picture—to participate in sports while staying aware of the presence of God and what God is doing in us and for us. Continue Reading.

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Your Healings

A God-directed role

By Noah Fredrickson

“Hey, guess what? You’re Prince Charming.”

Now that sounds like a line any guy would want to hear, right? Nope. That was actually the last thing I wanted to hear on that particular morning.

I’m an actor. I have been one since the seventh grade when I took a Shakespeare class just to try it out. Ever since, I’ve taken every possible opportunity to become better at acting. Continue Reading.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic: Why I stopped smoking pot
By Thomas Rhodes Hundley

 Smoking pot made him who he was--or so he thought. But after this author started getting into Christian Science, he began to wonder if he'd had it all wrong and if he was actually yearning for something more substantive.

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This week's SentinelFreed from concerns about driving

By Emily Sander

As a new driver, this author struggled on long road trips with the strain from driving and the burden of keeping the other passengers in the car safe. Later, in college, with a long drive ahead of her, she found freedom as she began to see the other drivers in a whole new light.

Turning Point: The best gift I ever got
By Jane Hickson

Before that summer at camp, she’d always been the girl who went to the “strange” church. But a dramatic healing changed her view of what it means to be a Christian Scientist. More from this series

Your Healings: Tackling the rapids
By Isabel Wesman

A long-awaited school rafting trip turned scary when problems broke out among the group. With a Class IV rapid up ahead, this author knew what she had to do: pray. More from this series

Q&A: The ultimate relationship

By John Biggs

What can you do when relationships never seem to work out the way you want them to? This author shares his prayers about that question and how a shift to a more God-centric perspective blessed all his relationships—romantic and otherwise. More from this series

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