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Your Healings

Healing after a skiing accident

By McKinsey Bosman

What happened? Where am I? What’s going on?

Not the thoughts I expected to be thinking during a skiing vacation in Wyoming with my friend.

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Feeling tired?

By Naomi Nutwell

Transitioning from middle school to high school was a shock for me. I was not prepared for the larger workload and higher expectations. Every single night I found myself staying up past midnight to finish my homework, and this led to my biggest problem of all: fatigue.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

Gratitude for ... tests?

By Denny Veidelis

Overwhelmed during finals week, this high school junior turned to Science and Health and found a surprising answer to test stress.


How can I pray for people in desperate straits?

By Meghan Moss Jones

If you see people who are homeless, addicted to drugs, or otherwise struggling, what can you do? This author shares how praying about her own perception of others has made a difference.



When there's no way you can get it all done

By Amanda Loudon

This college student was already overwhelmed when she suddenly learned she’d have to prepare for an extra exam. How was she ever going to get it all done? God had a surprising answer for her.

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This image popped up on my phone...'

By Deborah Huebsch & Todd Herzer

What do you do when an unwelcome photo pops up as a text or a Snapchat? Two Christian Science Sunday School teachers share ideas about how prayer can help us find freedom from these “dark images.”

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Your Healings

'I wasn't going to make it to the top'

By Tabitha Kemnitz

During a strenuous hike with a college group, this author doubted her ability to make it up the mountain. But rather than getting stuck in self-doubt and negativity, she decided to see what would happen if she turned her focus to God.

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Daily Lift

Feeling peace on earth

Lona Ingwerson, CS, from Laguna Beach, California, USA

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