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TeenConnect: Up Front


Use your 'superpower'

By Jenny Sawyer
April 6, 2018

Every teen sitting around the table had a story to share. Situations in which a “sixth sense” had guided them to an unexpected outcome, connected them to a key piece of information, even protected them in scary circumstances. All the teens also agreed on something: This “sixth sense” was more than some kind of human intuition. It was so “not of this world” in its clarity and wisdom that they felt it was proof of a divine intelligence—divine Mind, or God—caring for them and loving them in a way that had practical effects in their lives.

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‘How come bad things happen even if we’re praying a lot?’

By Judy Olson

Q: How come bad things happen even if we’re praying a lot?

A: Don’t we all ask some version of that question and have to come to grips with it? I did, anyway. 

As a new, eager, earnest student of Christian Science, I loved what I was learning—in a nutshell: God, good, is All. Equipped with that understanding, I thought somehow that things would be so easy. 

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Tackling peer pressure—with prayer

By John Biggs

Q: How can I pray about peer pressure?

A: One of the toughest things about dealing with peer pressure is that it seems like you don’t have many options. Either you give in and let other people control your life, or you say no and feel excluded. So the very fact that you know that you can pray about this issue is really helpful. As I’ve seen in my own life, prayer can open us up to solutions to peer pressure that actually bless everyone. 

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

Think differently

By Kathryn A. T. Knox

She was tired of conformity. Tired of being pulled along by what her peers were thinking. Christian Science gave her the tools to think differently—spiritually.



From this week's Sentinel

What does it mean to live in God's kingdom?

By Tyler Williams

In a foreign country on a service trip, this teen needed help—and fast—when an upset stomach threatened to disrupt his volunteer work. But as it turned out, just because he was feeling far from home didn't mean he couldn't still feel close to God.


Why I'm a Christian Scientist

No judgment 
By Courtlyn Reekstin

Religion often gets a bad rap for being “judgmental.” But this author offers a different take on what Christian Science is all about.

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Your Healings 

On track with God
By Dean Colarossi

Though he was performing well, this runner felt overwhelmed by fear and anxiety prior to his races. In his Christian Science Sunday School class, he found a new, God-centered approach that brought him peace—and success on the track.

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Your Healings 

When I thought I was going to drown, God was there
By Chloe Thies

After her sailboat capsized, this teenager knew she had to calm the “storm” of fear in her thoughts in order to make it home again.

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Jenny Sawyer, CS, from Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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