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Helping a suicidal friend

By Hannah Mitchinson

2018 had the highest number of suicides in the history of my county in recent years. Unfortunately, 2018 was also the year I learned that a close friend wanted to add himself to that statistic. Though I’d been aware of this tragic trend at my school, it was only when I began to have long conversations with my friend, desperately trying to convince him not to take his life, that I thought to turn to Christian Science for an answer.

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The worst/best freshman year ever

By Kaily Johnson

My freshman year of college did not go as planned.

I’d spent a lot of my senior year of high school praying for direction. I knew I could go to a name-brand college or university, but I also knew that following the crowd or making a decision based on others’ expectations of me probably wasn’t going to result in the best answer for my future....

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

Feeling conflicted?

By Jenny Sawyer

If you’re struggling with a moral dilemma or trying to make a tough decision, how do you know which answer is the right one? This author shares the qualities of thought—like humility and willingness—that have helped speed her in the right direction.


Into—and out of—the woods

By Emma Schaefer

Everyone in her school theater production expected to get sick. But when this author found herself dealing with the symptoms of a cold, she knew she could actually rebel against them. Read on to find out what happened when she did.


Your healings

Being open to change

By Dana Dorman

This high school sophomore was not having fun at boarding school, and she thought it was everyone else’s fault. Then a spiritual insight changed both the way she was thinking about things and her whole boarding school experience.

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Your healings

How I dealt with homesickness

By Phasha Mwaura

When an opportunity to go to boarding school in America came his way, this teen was excited. But then worry struck: What if he got homesick?

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Why I'm a Christian Scientist

When my friend asked me about my religion

By Jacey Williams

The conversation with her friend was going well … until the subject of religion came up. What was she supposed to say about Christian Science? And would her friend judge her? 

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Daily Lift

God always comforts us

Liz Butterfield Wallingford from Odenton, Maryland, USA

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