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What am I supposed to think about the bad stuff?

By Jenny Sawyer

No matter what you believe about God (or whether you believe in God at all) you’ve probably wondered about the bad stuff in life. Why does it happen? Can we stop it? And if you know anything about Christian Science, you’ve probably asked yourself some version of this question: If God really is All, and all good—which is one of the key points in Christian Science—then why do awful things still happen? What gives?

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Should I sleep with him?

By Name Withheld

I never planned to have sex with him. He was an acquaintance I ran into three thousand miles from home. We were just talking. And laughing. Connecting.

Sure, he was smart, fun, good looking. I was attracted to him, and I could tell that he was attracted to me.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

Finding my worth

By Tory Silver

Struggling with a lack of confidence and doubting her worthiness, this college student did something radical: She started challenging these negative thoughts with spiritual facts about her identity as God's daughter.


Course correction

By Will Towle

After he broke his thumb playing soccer, this teen realized he needed to approach his prayers about the injury differently in order to find healing.



No more stage fright
By Tessa Parmenter

How did this author go from debilitating stage fright to being able to sing freely in front of an audience? Learning more about Christ Jesus’ teachings proved to be the key.

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Your Healings

Effective prayer—wherever you are
By Courtlyn Reekstin

During a trip to Greece, this college student faced a sudden, debilitating headache. But even though home was far away, God’s help wasn’t.

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Who am I now?
By Ashleigh Helms

She’d spent her whole life as a gymnast, so when this high school student decided to end her gymnastics career, she was faced with an uncomfortable question: Who am I now?

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Jackie Ives from Overland Park, Kansas, USA

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