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Prayers for Manchester—and our world

By Jenny Sawyer
May 24, 2017

When bad things happen, it’s difficult not to ask questions like “Why?” and “How?” “Why would someone do something like that?” “How could someone do something like that?”

On Monday, when an explosion went off at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, I found myself wrestling with those questions all over again. Acts of such cruelty are incomprehensible, and they are calls for our prayers. Continue Reading.

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Your Healings

Safe from harm

By Matthew Hagenlocher

Being afraid of spiders is a pretty common fear, but even scarier for me was waking up with a spider bite. This happened one morning when I woke up in my dorm room just like any other day. However, this time I woke up with a suspicious bite—though I didn’t know that at first.  Continue Reading.

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Fact or Fiction

Impossible to ignore

By Rosalie Dunbar

Fiction: Christian Scientists ignore evil or pretend it’s not real.

Fact: There was no pretending that the noise I heard wasn’t real. I had gone to my office one night to check on some papers. We’d had some security problems in this building, and on this particular night, as I was walking down the stairs from my office on the top floor, I was surprised to hear someone moving around downstairs because the other employees were all away for the Christmas holidays. I didn’t have a cellphone to call the police. Continue Reading.

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That's Classic: College funding found

By Rose Ann Patterson

Worried about how you're going to pay for college? So was this author, until a psalm came to her rescue.

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This week's SentinelAn athlete prays

By Jordan Strong

All his life, this soccer player had been told to "man up" when he faced a problem. But when he was faced with pain during what was supposed to be his best season ever, he knew he needed a new approach.

Your Healings: I didn't have to miss out
By Jordan Fredrickson

In Costa Rica for a class trip, she suddenly found herself unwell and missing out on activities she’d been looking forward to. Then prayer came to the rescue. More from this series

Trending: A number on the scale? Or God's daughter?
By Callie Strelow

Self-conscious about her body, she began starving herself. But support from her Sunday School class helped her break the cycle of disordered eating and find a secure, spiritual sense of her identity. More from this series

Your Healings: Safe at first base
By Alyssa Savoye

After a collision during practice, this softball player was told she needed to go to the hospital right away. But she was already praying for herself and a quick healing followed. More from this series

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The view from the top

Gay Bryant Flatt, CS, from Maidenhead, England.

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