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'An army of pray-ers'

By Jenny Sawyer
September 7, 2017

That Sunday, I didn’t feel like going to church. I had a ton to do before Monday, “homework” hanging over my head. Everything inside me seemed to be saying, “You read the Christian Science Bible Lesson on your own. You pray. You can afford to skip church one week.”

But on the heels of that came another thought: “Maybe you can afford to miss church. But can theworld afford to have you skip?” Continue Reading.

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Safe from the storm

By John Biggs

Q: Can we really stop bad weather with prayer?

A: Here’s my story. I was helping on my uncle’s ranch one summer. As with all ranches and farms, weather played a big role in both day-to-day operations as well as in the farm’s success. So there was always an awareness of the weather. One afternoon, I was working with some animals, and my grandpa pulled up in his truck to let me know that there was a huge storm approaching. Continue Reading.

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Beauty treatment

By Caroline Abouchar

I’d started to notice that a lot of my friends at school were unhappy with their bodies and very self-critical. Even young women whom I considered to be incredibly beautiful weren’t seeing themselves that way, and that made me feel that there was no way I could possibly be beautiful, either. I began spending a lot of time looking at various forms of social media and comparing myself to the women in the pictures and ads I was seeing. My self-esteem plummeted ... Continue Reading.

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From this week's SentinelFearless test-taking

By Dana Cadey

Things didn't go well on her precalculus test, and her teacher's unkind remarks only made this teen feel worse. But as it turned out, overcoming her resentment—through prayer—was the key to success.

Sentinel Cover: Featured Print Teen Article
From this week's SentinelNothing to fear

By Courtlyn Reekstin

When she was accepted into a performing arts program, this college student suddenly felt afraid and wondered if she would ever measure up. Understanding the real, spiritual source of her talent erased the fear—and so much more.

Your Healings: Prayer on the way to the peak
By Aiden Snorek-Yates

As he raced up the mountain, this teen was focused on one thing: the peak. But when an accident happened, his focus shifted to God--and healing resulted. More from this series

Trending: Goodbye, performance anxiety!
By Katie Wood

She always found performances nerve-wracking. So when a big concert rolled around, she knew this was an opportunity for a healing. More from this series

Your Healings: Love others? How hard could that be?
By Alex Carter

His goal for his summer as a camp counselor seemed simple: to be kind in all his words and actions. But frustrations with his campers forced him to dig deeper to find the real source of his ability to love. More from this series

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Goodbye stage fright

Katie Wood from Arvada, Colorado, USA.

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