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‘I feel like I don’t have faith in God’

By Judy Olson

Q: I feel like I don’t have faith in God.

A: When I was in my twenties, I got really sick. Our neighbor, a doctor, overheard my coughing and told my husband I should be in the hospital, adding, “That’s pneumonia.” My worried husband, who wasn’t studying Christian Science at the time, agreed. He told me that if I wasn’t better by morning, he wanted to take me to the emergency room.

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Why did I sign up for this class?

By Tori Dell

What had I gotten myself into? I was floundering in a sea of fabric bolts, crisp pattern paper, and fellow students who were enthusiastically—and seemingly effortlessly—designing outfits. Why had I signed up for this class?

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From the Sentinel

From the Sentinel

Healing of an injured collarbone

By Niklas Peschke

He was already facing a busy semester when this college athlete broke his collarbone during rugby practice. So it didn't come as much of a surprise when the healing didn't just restore him physically but also helped him deal with feeling overwhelmed.


My deepest questions answered

By Cheryl DeSanctis

A search for the answers to life's toughest questions brought this recent college graduate to a book that changed her perspective, and her life: Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.



Better than a dream school

By Annika Marthaler

She’d visited a college she loved, but that college didn’t fit in with her plan. Read on to find out how this college applicant prayed for direction and got some surprising answers.

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Helping a suicidal friend

By Hannah Mitchinson

She was desperate to help a friend who wanted to take his own life. But her friend wasn’t interested in God or Christian Science. What could she do? This teen prayed—and found answers.

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The worst/best freshman year ever

By Kaily Johnson

 This college freshman thought she was missing out when all her friends were having picture-perfect freshman years and she was stuck living at home and attending a not-so-prestigious school. Read on to find out how she turned her year around.

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God always has an answer

Suzanne Riedel, CSB, from Denver, Colorado, USA

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