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What I've learned about procrastination

By Makenna Kibbe

I had a huge project due for one of my classes, and I had procrastinated so much that I ended up having to do it all in one night. It was a big part of my grade and involved creating a slide show and a script plus presenting the project to several people before turning it in.

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How can I talk to 'smart people' about God?

By Inge Schmidt

Q: How can I talk to my friends about God and Christian Science when they say intelligent people are too smart to have faith or believe in a higher power?

A: After a few significant healings during graduate school, including a healing of depression, I was on fire with Christian Science. I wanted to share what had so deeply transformed my life with others who I knew were searching for peace, comfort, and health. The problem? I was finishing my degree at a prominent university, and many of my fellow students were not very interested in God and religion. 

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

The way I really am

By John Biggs

After living with a problem that hampered his physical abilities for most of his life, this teen was surprised to discover that he didn't have to identify with the issue, or think of it as his—and this realization led to a complete healing.


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Healed on a study abroad trip

Courtlyn Reekstin

During a trip to Greece, this author learned a lesson about making sure her prayers were starting from the right standpoint when she was praying about an ugly rash.



Beating the audition jitters

By Emma Lovelace

Standing before a judge, preparing to audition, this viola player felt nervous, and doubtful about her abilities. But as soon as she turned her thoughts toward God, a major shift took place.

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How can I feel close to God?

By Deborah Huebsch

Do you feel like you know God intellectually but don’t really feel close to God? This writer longed to experience God more tangibly, and she shares what happened to make that possible.

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When my boyfriend crossed the line

By Name Withheld

After she gave in to her boyfriend’s repeated pressure to go farther than she was comfortable going, this author was desperate for a way out of the guilt and anger. That’s when what she’d learned in the Christian Science Sunday School came to her rescue.

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Rekindled hope

Deborah Huebsch, CSB, from San Juan Capistrano, California, USA

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