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By Amy Richmond

Of all the times to get dumped, right before the holidays would be pretty low on my list. But that’s what had just happened to me.

“Couldn’t he at least have waited until after the holidays?” I wailed to a friend. Yes, wailed.

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Your Healings

After the storm

By Barrie Paulson

The darkening sky outside, threatening a winter storm, matched my sinking mood. It was my sophomore year of college, and I was feeling buffeted on all sides. A senior friend and I had been assigned to room together, but we were given a third roommate who dominated the room, making me want to be somewhere else. Next to the popular kids on campus, I felt inferior and ignored. And I was also homesick.

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From this week's Sentinel

Christmas comfort

By Lizzie Witney

Christmas wasn't going the way this author had planned at all, and to make matters worse, now she was sick in bed. Read on to find out how things turned around.


God's love erases failure

By Emily Wickham

When she started grad school, this law student expected to perform well—just as she always had. But when she began to struggle academically, she realized that she needed to learn how to rely on God—divine intelligence itself.



What does it mean to be a real man?
By John Biggs

When it came to achievements on the playing field or sexual conquests, this author just wasn’t measuring up—and that caused him to doubt himself both as a person and a man. A turning point came when he began reevaluating his definition of what it means to be a man and choosing a new, spiritual sense of manhood as his model.

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Your Healings

When things don't go the way you planned
By Logan Landry

When none of the opportunities this college student had planned for herself ended up working out, she initially felt frantic. But soon, prayer led her to the surprising realization that instead of planning and striving, she could trust God.

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Protected from an assault
By Lisa Andrews

Alone on a dark street, this young woman seemed to be a prime target for an assault. But right in the moment when she seemed most vulnerable, a clear message from God broke through her fear and helped her find safety.

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Daily Lift

Peace in the family

Annette Dutenhoffer, CSB, from Longmont, Colorado, USA

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