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TeenConnect: My church

My Church

A foundation for my whole life

By Judy Olson

Christian Science Sunday School attendance was one of those things I never really questioned growing up. We went. Nearly every Sunday. With few exceptions. So I was surprised, recently, when a friend asked me, “What—if anything—do you feel you got out of all that rigid church attendance?”

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How I prayed when quarantine hit

By Devon Swinburne

March 14, 2020. The Spanish government declared a state of emergency: a quarantine, with a very strict set of rules. All schools, businesses, and public areas were closed. Citizens could leave their homes only for groceries or to go to the pharmacy, and no one was allowed to travel more than two hundred meters. A heavy police presence descended on the city of Cadiz, where I’ve been living, and if you were found doing outdoor activities other than the approved ones, you could receive a fine of five hundred to two thousand Euros.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

Beyond skin color

By Christian Kongolo

When he moved from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Norway when he was 13, this author confronted prejudice—and learned significant spiritual lessons about how to heal it.


Finding healing and home after college

By Lizzie Witney

Feeling out of place after college and struggling with pain, this author realized she needed to deal with a feeling of not belonging anymore—and this in turn brought freedom from both physical and emotional pain.



Looking for an internship? God will lead the way

By Emily Staunton

After sending out more than twenty résumés without success, this college student realized she needed a different approach to her internship search. Spending time with Science and Health brought unexpected answers.

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Thinking about suicide?

By Val Minard

Desperate for funds for college and feeling completely alone, this student wondered if suicide was her only answer. But it wasn’t a way out she needed, but a way forward, and she found it as she reached out to God for comfort and guidance.

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Getting along with Mom

By Name withheld

This teen had always wanted a good relationship with her mom … but had never had one. But when she finally decided to pray about the dysfunction, based on what she’d learned in Christian Science, new insights paved the way for progress.

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Daily Lift

No deficit of hope

Kim Crooks Korinek, CSB, from Maplewood, Minnesota, USA

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