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Why I'm a Christian Scientist

When my friend asked me about my religion

By Jacey Williams

One day I was hanging out with a friend from work, and we were having a great time talking about our lives. I felt the conversation was going super well—that I was really connecting with her emotionally and we were coming to a better understanding of each other’s life experiences. At one point, though, religion came up, and she asked me what my religion was.

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I never thought I'd choose to stop drinking

By Lizzie Witney

“No chance.”

That’s what I would have said if you’d told me I’d choose to stop drinking back when I was drinking on pretty much a daily basis. I also probably would have laughed. 

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That's Classic

Benefit of the doubt

By Inge Schmidt

Plagued by doubts after a series of personal tragedies, this writer wondered: “Is this the point where Christian Science fails me?” Instead, she found renewed faith in asking God the tough questions and persisting until she got answers.


From the Sentinel

This week's Sentinel

Back in the game after ankle injury

By Daniel Abadie

After a soccer game resulted in an injury, this teen found quick healing through Christian Science.



When you're in over your head

By Tien Stone Langlois

During a mountain biking expedition, she found herself afraid and struggling—in over her head. What can we do when we find ourselves similarly overwhelmed? This author explains how understanding more about God, and our relation to God, paves the way to success.

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How can I deal with relationship problems?

By Susan Snipes

This author was swirling in confusion and distress over a relationship problem. But when she asked God for help with fixing it, she got a surprising answer.

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Is Christian Science healing a lot of work?

By John Biggs

What do you do when you’re praying and a healing doesn’t come immediately? Criticize yourself? Give up? This author offers a different approach: Get a different perspective on the “work” of healing.

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It's the spirit that heals (encore)

Joel Magnes, CS, from Vancouver, Washington, USA

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