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Your healings

Healed of mono

By Gracie Sampson

I was so excited to spend the second half of my junior year at a school on the beautiful coast of Maine. But three days after my arrival, I found myself dealing with a fever and sore throat, which prevented me from participating in activities. This was one of the few times I’d been away from my parents among people who didn’t know anything about Christian Science, and I felt very alone.

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A permanent healing of panic attacks

By William Whittenbury

During my sophomore year of high school, I began to experience debilitating panic attacks that would sometimes be accompanied by lightheadedness and nausea. I hadn’t ever had problems with anxiety before, but I was dealing with a lot of school-related stress, as well as some difficult personal issues. The panic attacks were scary and confusing, especially since I’d never faced anything like this before.

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That's Classic

A quick healing of a football injury

By William Hagenlocher

An injury during a football game had this player wondering if he’d be able to join his team for its upcoming district match. But as he prayed, he gained a new conviction that he could be healed—without delay.


When you have too much to do

By Aly Mikesell

After she spent sophomore year feeling overwhelmed, this high school student was ready for a change. Learning more about God as her source helped her think differently about her schoolwork and other demands and propelled her into her junior year feeling calmer and closer to God.


Your healings

Peak performance

By Chaney Heinbaugh

When this avid soccer player faced a scoring drought, she had to pray through some tough questions about where her abilities come from and whether her skill on the field was something she could lose. Her understanding of Christian Science helped her answer those questions—and turn her game around.

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When the big test was looming

By Robin Kadz

When a test in one of her scariest subjects was hanging over her head, this author started her exam prep with prayer. Read about how it paid off.

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Is the word "God" a turnoff?

By Deborah Huebsch

If you’ve ever felt like the word God is confusing, unclear, or awkward to use with your friends, you’re not alone. This author explains how we can get past the confusion and start to know God in a way that’s genuinely helpful and healing.

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Daily Lift

Removing the mental mask

Brian Webster, from Ballwin, Missouri, USA

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