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How can Christian Science help me address racism as a non-Black person?

By Laura Lapointe

Q: How can Christian Science help me when it comes to talking about race and addressing racism as a non-Black person?

A: During and after college I worked as a production assistant for a very successful traveling choir of primarily young Black men and boys. I got to know them well and developed a friendly rapport with some of the young men who were the leaders of the group and close to my age. I was one of only a handful of white people associated with the group. 

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Your healings

Who’s at the center of your race?

By Courtlyn Reekstin

Growing up, I never considered myself a runner. But during my sophomore year of college, a friend convinced me to run a 5K Turkey Trot. Secretly, I was really nervous. 

However, while the training runs were difficult at first, I quickly fell in love with the sport when I realized it gave me an opportunity to feel close to God. Ever since I was a child in the Christian Science Sunday School, I’ve loved knowing that everything we do is about more than just the activity. It’s about understanding God as the source of all goodness and recognizing that we express God’s qualities—which then helps us break through limitations.

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If you feel like a victim

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How I've been praying during Covid-19

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Your healings

When my boss asked me to lie

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