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How does a Christian Science healing happen?

By Jenny Sawyer
July 12, 2018

You guys ask the best questions, because you’re willing to ask the questions that don’t have easy answers. Last week, one of you asked that question in the title, and what hit me was both how important it is and how much you wanted it answered.

So let’s go for it. How does a healing happen, anyway?

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Your Healings

A backpacking breakthrough

By Ruby Colby

Every other year my school requires us to embark on a week-long backpacking expedition. For most of my class, the thought of a week straight of hiking—detached from all technology—is daunting. Thankfully, my experiences peaking a few “14ers” (14,000-foot mountains), as well as the wilderness expeditions I’ve participated in as part of a program for young Christian Scientists, strengthened my confidence about being in that environment.

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Praying about mental health

By Deborah Huebsch

As she looked out the window, my friend saw a path leading deep into the dark woods. It called out to her. It seemed to say, “Take this path; then you’ll see your friend again.” She had recently lost someone very dear to her, and this path into the woods was tempting because it seemed to offer a solution. If she died, too, she could be with her friend again.

“I saw that I could make a choice,” my friend told me. “I chose not to go down that path. I realized I wanted to live.”

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From the Sentinel

'Faith as a grain of mustard seed'

By Rebecca Reeder

She wasn't looking to become a Christian Scientist. But in college, a friend gave her a copy of the Christian Science Sentinel when she was struggling with overeating and unhappiness. What happened after that changed her life.


From this week's Sentinel

I didn't buy that app

By Sullivan Grant

Anything that seems bad about us, or wrong with us, is really just a distorted view. That’s what this teenager learned, thanks to a little help from an app on his phone … and a spiritual insight.


Your Healings

A quick healing after a mountain biking accident
By Caleb Shillinger

It was his first mountain biking run during a long-awaited summer trip, so when he crash-landed after a jump, this teen wondered if the rest of his vacation was ruined. Fortunately, he quickly realized there was something he could do: He could pray.

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Finding my way
By Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen

This young dancer thought she’d come to Europe to land a role in a ballet company. But it turned out that there were bigger—spiritual—lessons in store for her as she began to discover more about God’s care and guidance.

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How can I stop feeling so ugly?
By Laura Lapointe

Feeling ugly? So was this author. But it wasn’t a makeover, or new clothes, or a better haircut that helped her feel more beautiful. It was a better understanding of God.

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Daily Lift

Caring for children around the world

Susan Jostyn, CS, from Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

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