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TeenConnect: Up Front


Who cares if I'm spiritual?

By Jenny Sawyer
January 25, 2018

Like many of the questions I get as the teen editor, this one really got me thinking. We do talk a lot about being spiritual in Christian Science. So it’s a fair thing to ask: Why is the fact that we’re spiritual so important? What does it have to do with your daily life, dealing with school, sports, boyfriends and girlfriends, and parents?

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Special feature for teens: Identity
Special feature for teens


Turns out that answering the question “Who am I?” yields very different responses than the question “What am I?”  What starts to get at the substance of our identity—the qualities we express or our spiritual makeup. That’s why we asked four authors to tackle the “what” from their own experiences wrestling with what defines them.

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Black and white? Or brothers?

By Name Withheld

It was my first week in college in the United States, and I didn’t understand what was going on with my roommate. At first I’d been friendly, but he wasn’t very responsive. So I backed off—thinking he needed his space. However, I soon noticed that while he didn’t seem to want to talk to me, outside of our room, he was friendly with others.

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Fearless in the face of danger

By Jeremy Fox

I was on a two-week service trip in Guatemala when I found myself in the middle of a frightening situation on what started out as a normal afternoon bus ride. Every day after teaching English at a school my friends and I took the public buses back to the city where we were staying. Traveling with the locals proved to be extremely culturally enriching and most days we enjoyed a combination of soaking in the Spanish language and listening to the wonderful music.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic

That's Classic

God's in control even at college

By Liz Butterfield

With the threat of the flu circulating at her school, this author knew that a sure defense—for herself, and for all the other students on her campus—was to pray.


Sentinel cover

From the Sentinel

Talk to my friends about Christian Science? Me?

By Courtlyn Reekstin

Do your friends ask you questions about Christian Science? Do you know how to answer them? One teen found that "works" proved more powerful than words.


Your Healings 

A new way of praying—that heals
By Ashley Kamau

A healing of a cold turns into a lesson on how to pray effectively.

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Your Healings 

Healing a broken heart
By Dyllan McClain

She felt as though all the love in her life came from one person: her boyfriend. So when he broke up with her, she thought she’d lost something she could never get back. A pivotal conversation in Sunday School changed her mind—and her experience.

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Beyond skin color
By Christian Kongolo

When he moved from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Norway when he was 13, this author confronted prejudice—and learned significant spiritual lessons about how to heal it.

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Teeming with ideas

Deborah Huebsch, CSB, from San Juan Capistrano, California, USA

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