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TeenConnect: Up Front


You're included

By Jenny Sawyer
November 20, 2017

“It was so quick,” said my friend’s text.

She’d burned her mouth on some hot chocolate but had been instantaneously healed when she’d remembered another quick healing she’d recently had. She realized that the truth that had healed her the first time—that she is spiritual and that God always keeps her completely safe—was just as true in this instance. Moments later, all effects of the burn had vanished. Continue Reading.

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TeenConnect: Q&A


Stop bullying—with love

By Jeffrey Mattison

Q: How can I pray about being bullied?

A: I’m so glad you know that prayer is powerful, and that it’s an effective approach to dealing with bullying. That’s what I found when I faced bullying during my first year of high school.

In ninth grade, I joined the high-school swim team after taking a break from the sport for a few years. I was a bit out of shape, and I also didn’t have many friends among my fellow swimmers. Continue Reading.

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Your Healings

‘How could I be angry with him?

By Joe Prior

My ears were still ringing as I drove home from the concert. I’d been playing keyboard with a band for my friend’s saxophone recital. The venue was small and the band was large.

I’d been upset and a little angry when the drummer played much more loudly than I was expecting. I do have ear plugs, but I had taken one out so I could hear certain instruments better as we played together. Now, I couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe my hearing had been affected. Continue Reading.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic
That's Classic: Prayer on the football field

By Will Johnston

Gratitude isn't just for Thanksgiving. Gratitude is powerful wherever you are, and whatever you're facing—as this author proved.

Sentinel Cover: Featured Print Teen Article
From this week's SentinelFrom the 'pit' of addiction to a thirst for spiritual growth

By Nick McBride

He started drinking as a preteen and later turned to drugs. When he found Christian Science, he wondered: Can God really heal anything? Could understanding God lift him out of addiction?

Roundtable: Trusting God during the college process
Jenny Sawyer with Alden, Cassidy, Cole, Jack, Paige, Sara, And Tyler

Seven teens talk about how they’re praying about the college process, including finding the right school, dealing with fear and uncertainty, and how they’re trusting God with their future.

Q&A: Stick with the facts
By Amy Richmond

While there’s no formula for prayer, and our inspiration will often take us in new directions as we pray, this author shares one thing that’s consistently helped her pray more effectively. More from this series

Trending: When peace replaced stress
By Heather Savoye

Homework and tests were looming. Stress was building. How was she going to get through the week? A new insight about the presence of God’s peace broke the spell of stress. More from this series

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Annette Kreutziger-Herr, CS, from Berlin, Germany

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