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TeenConnect: Up Front


Feeling conflicted?

By Jenny Sawyer
March 22, 2017

Not long after college, I faced a moral dilemma. I wrestled with what to do, especially since right and wrong didn’t seem totally clear-cut. In my prayers, I was kind of waiting for God to give me “permission” to go ahead with what I felt was a good choice under the circumstances. I didn’t hear a “yes,” but I didn’t hear a “no,” either. So I went with what I felt was right. Continue Reading.

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Why I'm a Christian Scientist

A first date that changed my life

By Marci Martin

I didn’t expect that getting a boyfriend would also mean becoming a Christian Scientist. But that’s exactly what happened. On our first date, my boyfriend took me to church—the local branch Church of Christ, Scientist. And if you asked me why I’m a Christian Scientist today, I’d think back to myself as an 18-year-old, first-time Christian Science Sunday School student, and I’d give you one word: Truth. Continue Reading.

Your Healings

A quick healing

By Katherine Rein

I was on my way to camp! The night before the final leg of our drive, my mom, sisters, and I stayed with some friends who have a trampoline. The daughter of these friends, my sisters, and I were all jumping on their trampoline, and I was having a great time and was laughing really hard. But then, as I was jumping, I landed awkwardly and hurt my ankle. Continue Reading.

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TeenConnect: That's Classic
That's Classic: My spiritual makeup

By Hillary Moser

She hated to be seen without makeup. But could a more spiritual perspective on beauty change that? And what is a spiritual perspective on beauty anyway? Read on to find out.

Sentinel Cover: Featured Print Teen Article
This week's SentinelHealed of long-standing depression

By Name Withheld

 Although it wasn't a healing that came quickly, this author found that she could be free from depression as she prayed and understood more about God.

Q&A: Goodbye, self-condemnation

By Michael Coyne

Self-criticism can be hard to shake, especially when you feel like you keep messing up. One athlete shares how he worked through a season of mistakes on the field and ultimately found healing from self-condemnation. More from this series

Your Healings: Love heals homesickness
By Gretchen Friborg

With homesickness threatening to ruin her service trip to Peru, this writer focused on sharing and experiencing joy. But it wasn’t until the end of the trip that she realized how spiritually powerful her approach had been. More from this series

Q&A: A spiritual approach to sports?

By Mark Swinney

When being athlete seems so material, how can you participate in sports and also be a practicing Christian Scientist? One former athlete and Christian Scientist shares his insights. More from this series

Daily Lift

The great 'nevertheless'

Margit Hammerstrom, CS, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

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