Mrs. Eddy appeared in an age when men had begun to...

Denver (Col.) Times

Mrs. Eddy appeared in an age when men had begun to cast off the outward observance of religious teachings. Success was the fetish men were worshiping. When she first spoke the greater part of the world smiled and shrugged its shoulders. What did a woman know of soul life? But as Joan of Arc led a nation out of bondage, Mrs. Eddy pointed the way to a delectable land of Spirit in which hundreds of thousands have found consolation. We may not agree with the declarations of Mrs. Eddy; we may not be of the opinion that they will be as universally accepted as some of the older religious ideas, but we do think that Mrs. Eddy deserves a high place in the estimation of mankind. Any one who has endeavored to make this earth a more pleasant abiding-place deserves well of his fellowmen. Of late years much mystery enveloped Mrs. Eddy. The charge was made that she had died and that an impostor was parading in her place. However, the world had come to accept the statement made by those closely associated with her, that she was still among the living. The announcement of her death brushes aside all former declarations regarding her material condition.

Hypatia helped rekindle the waning fires of culture; Queen Victoria and other splendid women have builded material empires, but as the world hurried on its endless journey the religious life of the people has been carried unfalteringly by women. And Mrs. Eddy stands as one who has made sweetness and light enter far places.

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