I am thankful for what I have come to know of God,...

I am thankful for what I have come to know of God, through the study of Christian Science; it has helped me in many ways. Like many others, I did not take up Christian Science until it was the last resort. I believed firmly in the Bible, and especially in Jesus' teachings, and also believed that the healing in the Bible was for us if it could be understood. I wanted the truth, and I wanted healing, but I did not want Christian Science, for at that time I thought it merely fanatical teaching but divine Love has shown me the way. When all "other gods" had failed me, when I had no other hope, I turned to God and was healed, and found that Christian Science is the truth of Jesus' teachings for which I had been longing. I can say that I am truly thankful for the trials that brought me to this blessed truth, for Christian Science gave me a foundation on which to stand; it makes me free from everything but good, and gives me an understanding of how and why I exist, for I have learned that man is not subject to chance or change, but subject to the harmonious law of life in God.

I first came to Christian Science about nine years ago. I had been suffering from chronic stomach trouble for a number of years, had tried all sorts of medicine, been treated by a number of specialists, with nothing but temporary relief, and as I suffered continually, life seemed almost unbearable. In this condition I came to Christian Science, and after one week's treatment dropped out because I could not see that anything was being done for me. In a short time, however, I found myself free from misery, and every symptom which had tortured me for years seemed to disappear; also a rheumatic trouble, from which I had suffered for some months, left me; but I would not give Christian Science the credit of healing me, I thought it was the medicine which was finally taking effect. I told my friends that Christian Science might help others, but that it could not help me; that I wanted the healing in the Bible, which was good enough for me. I was not ready for the truth which would make me free; I needed another trial, and it came.

Testimony of Healing
It is surely due that I return thanks for the many blessings...
December 17, 1910

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