With the death of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy there passes...

Chicago Tribune

With the death of Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy there passes from this world's activities one of the most remarkable women of her time. Whatever the degree of faith or unfaith with which the individual may look upon what she taught and what was accomplished by or through her teachings and her influence, the amazing and well-nigh miraculous achievement set down to her account cannot but impress the imagination and arouse our profound consideration. She has builded in her own lifetime a great religious institution, a faith wide-spread and held by hundreds of thousands of believers. And not only is the number of her following notable, but likewise its character. Mrs. Eddy has not swept into her church myriads of the unthinking and uneducated. On the contrary, her teachings have appealed to the highest classes, and the level of the character and intelligence of the Christian Scientists is everywhere high.

As to the right value of Mrs. Eddy's message, the permanence, importance, and extent of the church she founded, no contemporary estimate or prediction is worth much. A hundred years from now it will be easier and safer to evaluate her teachings, the worth of the work she did, and her own place among the men and women who have risen to lead and influence powerfully and extensively the lives, the thought, and the spirit of their fellow-men.

December 17, 1910

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