History is full of the tales of women whose influence has...

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History is full of the tales of women whose influence has been a power in the affairs of men. But, strange as it may seem, by far the greatest number of those who have risen on the written pages of history attained their power through charms of person and through their influence with men of power. But the leading woman of her time, and among the greatest in history, rose to her high place through the power of that which is most eternal in mankind—thought.

Mrs. Eddy was not born to power, nor did she seek the influence of those who were so born. By the force of the thought that she expressed and lived has she attained the high place she holds today, and by its force will she live. No matter what individuals may think of the system of thought that bears her name, it is an acknowledged power for good among mankind, and thousands have found comfort and relief through its teachings.

December 17, 1910

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