So wide-spread is the fame of Mary Baker Eddy that...

New York American

So wide-spread is the fame of Mary Baker Eddy that there is no country in the world that will not take note of her death. Her extraordinary influence upon her generation will everywhere suggest comparisons or contrasts between her work and that of the seer who died in Russia a few days ago. Count Tolstoi spoke to the intellect and Mrs. Eddy to the heart. Nobody has any right to doubt the sincerity of either; though every one will think and feel as he pleases or as he can—concerning their wisdom and inspiration.

Thousands of homes in America and elsewhere have felt the cheer of her brave spirit—and will cherish her memory with the feeling that it is a reviving and inspiring presence. But no reflective person can doubt the significance of the great rally of the human mind against the discouraging materialism of the nineteenth century—a revolt of the soul against mechanism and fate, in which this woman played so remarkable a part.

December 17, 1910

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