Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy may properly be estimated as one...

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Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy may properly be estimated as one of the most remarkable women of the age. As the Founder of a new religious cult; as the projector of what she believed was the true Science of Christianity; as the builder of a great church with ramifications reaching all over the nation and beyond its borders, she has long stood out as a bright and shining target for the arrows of vituperation, of ridicule, of scorn, of implacable hostility, of the bitterest of cynicism and the harshest of jeers. It was because she survived these things; because the storm and tempest which beat upon her availed not to drive her from the doctrines for which she stood; because amid the stress of almost superhuman trial, and the fierce avalanche of opposing arguments, she serenely held safe poise of mind, and fealty to conviction, and fidelity to purpose, that she should be accounted great. Though everything in which she believed and which she taught should hereafter fall and crumble beneath the assaults of logic and research and demonstration; though with her death should also be witnessed the decadence and the early death of Christian Science,—things which we by no means predict,—yet Mrs. Eddy's place in history would be secure as one who achieved to tremendous purpose; who wrought mighty results; who was revered by vast hosts of intelligent, God-fearing men and women and children as the mighty mistress of a cause that was noble in objective and good in inspiration; that accomplished much in affording relief from human ills and the peace of mind for those who craved and needed helpful ministration.

It is not necessary to believe in Mind-healing as Mrs. Eddy believed in it, to accord her this distinction. It is not necessary to give intellectual acceptance to the creed of her church, to concede that Mrs. Eddy nobly lived and worked and aspired—and that she deserves to be ranked among the most striking, the most interesting, and the strongest figures that ever graced and distinguished the annals of her sex.

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December 17, 1910

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