Christian Science is a solace, a support, and an inspiration...

Rocky Mountain News

Christian Science is a solace, a support, and an inspiration to hundreds of thousands of human creatures. To them it is more precious than their daily bread. In its comforting power to its followers it is entitled to the world's reverence; and therefore the name of its Founder must claim the world's respect.

Happily Mary Baker Eddy lived long enough to see the sneer give place to admiration. The new religion, or philosophy, or "Science," was compelled to make its stand in a nation much given to scoffing and in an age of free debate. That it has survived and flourished, that its Founder overcame all evil report, must be attributed to the deep spiritual effectiveness of the personality and the absolute answer of the faith to the needs of its devotees. No one now doubts that Mrs. Eddy sincerely believed in her mission to mankind. The fair-minded world acknowledges that she possessed a rare endowment of inward vision and external influence, and that she sought to bless her fellow-beings with her "Science" of absolute health. In that bestowal, her labor was a "marvelous work and a wonder." And through unnumbered generations and by countless millions of devotees she will be revered as the most inspired woman of all time.

December 17, 1910

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