Mary Baker Eddy, who died on Saturday night at a ripe...

Manchester (N. H.) Union

Mary Baker Eddy, who died on Saturday night at a ripe old age, was a woman who had made her mark upon the time in which she lived. It is as idle as it is contemptible to refuse to recognize facts, and the church which she founded is a substantial fact indeed, in whatever light it may be viewed. That a woman at middle life should have gathered about her a little band of pupils and should have so impressed her teachings upon them that they became her devoted disciples, that she should have lived to see that little company increase and expand until it became a religious organization counting nearly a thousand churches and more than eighty-five thousand members in this country alone, and with branches in most of the countries of the world, is a fact which may well attract the interest and hold the attention of any one who desires to be well informed and who professes to hold an open mind.

It is a development which must be admitted to be the more remarkable because it came in a period of the most notable discoveries in medical science. At the same time that the effect of certain germs upon the physical organization was beginning to be understood, Mrs. Eddy and her followers boldly and persistently maintained that disease is more of the mind than of the body. Nor were those followers gathered only from among the ignorant and the credulous. The character of the members of Christian Science churches is such that ridicule may be said to have become itself ridiculous, and it has well-nigh ceased.

December 17, 1910

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