The belief that a public expression of my gratitude may...

The belief that a public expression of my gratitude may help others, impels me to place my experience in writing. As a member of the legal profession, I had until three years ago considered that the only rules for personal action were those evolved by men as regulations of human conduct. God was never near to me, and was considered more as the court of last resort, to which I might some day appeal if I ever became dissatisfied with or fearful of the outcome of the battles which I imagined I was then fighting, or might thereafter be called upon to fight. I had for upward of fifteen years been addicted to the use of intoxicating liquor, and frequently found what I thought was amusement and pleasure in intoxication, reveling in intemperance in many forms. Professional work was being neglected, property interests were becoming apparently hopelessly involved, and my friends and associates were filled with sorrow and resentment because of my misdoings. I had for months been closely associated with Christian Scientists, occasionally conversing with them about Science, but never agreeing with them as to its power to heal sin and disease, and frequently ridiculing it and glorying in any publication or item of news which attempted to belittle it.

In July, 1907, after a period of gross indulgence, a dear friend in words of earnestness and love asked me if I would give Christian Science a trial and take treatment for the awful sin of intemperance with which I was beset. I believe it was the brotherly love in that request which called forth without hesitation a promise to give it a trial and see a practitioner the following day. That same day I made an appointment, kept it, and received a treatment lasting about thirty minutes. In those few minutes the appetites and passions of over fifteen years were so completely destroyed by Truth, that strong drink, and all that goes with the indulgence therein, lost all attraction, and all sense of its necessity to my quickened sense was destroyed.

Testimony of Healing
For the benefit of those who are sick and in trouble, who...
December 17, 1910

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