The deep sorrow felt by Christian Scientists over the loss...

Boston Globe

The deep sorrow felt by Christian Scientists over the loss of their Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, will be shared by people of broad sympathies outside that church who regret the passing of any notable figure. The impulse toward higher standards of conduct in life which had its birth within her mind will continue to live and influence humanity.

Within a generation Mrs. Eddy founded and established a sect, and lived to see her teachings accepted by many peoples scattered throughout the entire world. The ethical part of her faith, pointing to rules for every-day conduct, has found general favor, and it is chiefly the therapeutic side of her teachings that has aroused criticism. Whatever one's view on religion may be, few will care to deny that Mrs. Eddy's influence has been directed toward the betterment of those that she intimately touched. It must have been singularly gratifying in the closing days of her life to realize how widely her belief has been adopted, for few men and still fewer women live, as did Mrs. Eddy, to see their fullest hopes realized. This is not an appropriate time to set an estimate upon her right to enduring fame, which can better be judged by posterity, but the present-day testimony must be one of respect for a woman of remarkable mind and of unusual ability, who, after a long and active life, spent her closing years at peace with the world. She has now passed on, leaving behind her an institution that she created.

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