Although "mine enemies"—my mortal thoughts and...

Although "mine enemies"—my mortal thoughts and fears—have many times seemed to pursue me most persistently, and to come in almost overwhelming numbers, yet always there has been help received through the study of Science and Health or some other of our Christian Science literature, to put them to flight and to enable me to press on more vigorously in order to destroy them utterly. Recently I was helped through an experience, and for this help I wish to express my most sincere thanks to God. It was the one thing I had always thought could never be made even bearable, and as I thought I was not strong enough in my own understanding to meet this myself, a great grief, a sense of loss and separation, the greatest that could come into my mortal experience, was met and overcome for me by the help of one who knew the truth,—knew that under no condition could joy ever be overcome by sorrow.

In very many ways I have been greatly helped through Christian Science. I was enabled to discontinue the use of glasses, which I had worn for eight years, through the faithful work of a friend; and through my own realization that there is no selfhood apart from God I have become less selfish, sensitive, and resentful, and am trying to destroy many mental qualities considered natural to mortals. As gratitude to our Leader is better expressed by deeds than by words, I can only try to prove my right to be called a Christian Scientist.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to tell briefly what Christian Science has done...
December 17, 1910

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