Not Christian Scientists alone, but people of all faiths...

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Not Christian Scientists alone, but people of all faiths and no faith, join in tributes to Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy, one of the most remarkable women the world has produced. What the doctrinal teachings of Christian Science are, we do not know; we do not know wherein its interpretation of the Bible differs from that of the evangelical churches. We do not understand the Principle underlying its healing; we cannot, to our own satisfaction, differentiate between the subconscious and the divine Mind. But this is known to all, that Christ gave to his disciples power "to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease," and this power was not limited to the twelve.

Moreover, its teachings are accepted, not by cranks and faddists, not by those always seeking something new, but by the educated, the cultured, the thoughtful, and the student. Whatever its secret may be, it has produced a wonderful faith, a marvelous spirit that shows in a power of self-command, of self-denial, of sympathy, and helpfulness that is truly Christian. It has brought a new power into the world, which has gained its way against the fiercest and most stubborn prejudice, against ridicule, scorn, and almost ostracism, until it has compelled recognition and respect, with the acknowledgment of its permanency. Today, while millions profess open allegiance to Christian Science, many more express a sympathetic interest in it. From a mysterious, sort of uncanny, and somewhat dangerous cult, allied with the black art, to be approached only by those insulated in dread and suspicion, it has taken its place as a faith and as a church.

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