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We can check our zeal for sharing our light against Jesus’ timeless guidance. Does what we think, say, and do result in others experiencing the healing impact of understanding spiritual reality and lead to their heartfelt praise for healing’s source, God?
Keeping Watch

Never displaced from good

People in Ethiopia, where I am living, are being internally displaced because of an escalating civil war, and some are fleeing to neighboring countries. I have been praying because I have been deeply distressed by the magnitude of this problem and what I have been hearing in the news and in the community around me.
Why would I doubt the likelihood of healing, especially given the many healings I had already witnessed and experienced?
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Our homes can become havens of joy and peace.
TeenConnect: My church
After he became a teenager, this author began to dislike attending Sunday School and didn’t want to go back. But it was more than a shift in class dynamics that changed his attitude; it was a spiritual breakthrough.
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A fresh look at spiritual healing

When something changes in your life for the better—when you experience healing—you might naturally wonder how it happened. This week's guest takes us into the "how" of healing, and you might be surprised to learn that it doesn't always happen the way you might think.

God’s gift of grace

When the world seems full of unrest and disrespect, grace can seem like a quickly melting candle, flickering out in a dark night.
TeenConnect: Trending

Alone at prom

When you think of prom, going alone might not exactly rise to the top of your list of things to look forward to. But for this author, it turned out to be not just a positive experience, but also an empowering spiritual lesson.
Sentinel Watch

Agreeing with God

Most people think of prayer as something we do. We ask or even beg God to do something for us. Maybe we tell God about the problem. All prayer is beneficial, because turning to God is the first step in healing, but this week's guest has learned that the most effective prayer starts when God talks and we listen.

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Healing of a lump

With my election to the office of Reader, I knew it was time for healing. 
Testimony of Healing

Family needs met

Our home comes from God, who is our complete source of supply and love. Our growth as a family was not contingent on the space we inhabited but the love we expressed. 
Testimony of Healing

Skin condition overcome

The words “Give us grace for to-day; feed the famished affections; . . .” gently washed over me, giving me absolute peace and a wonderful feeling that all was well.
Bible Lens

Soul and Body

Remnant occurs in several biblical texts, offering encouragement and comfort to God’s children in every circumstance.
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Letters & Conversations

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