Christian Science, which is among those religious beliefs...

Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Republican and Times

Christian Science, which is among those religious beliefs to which our critic objects, is neither a fad nor an ism, but on the contrary is a well established religious teaching, adhered to by hundreds of thousands of respected citizens of this and other lands. In his attack upon Christian Science our critic makes statements concerning its teaching which are either intentionally or carelessly misleading; statements which are untenable, without excuse or justification.

It might be fair to assume that a "saved" Christian Scientist is one who has some degree of realization of his indestructible relationship with God. He is conscious of certain positive changes in his thought processes which have resulted in greatly improved conditions, physical, mental, moral, and spiritual. To be saved, in any right sense of the term, means much more than mere emotionalism, more than the ecstatic mesmerism of quasi-religious fervor; it means and includes that condition of spiritual understanding which enables its possessor to demonstrate the verity of Jesus' teachings, healing the sick and reforming the sinner.

The Invitation
August 18, 1917

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