In his endeavor to investigate and control his own thought processes, the truth-seeker sometimes experiences a sense of confusion and even of inability to follow the advice to "hold fast that which is good," for the reason that he is uncertain as to what that good is to which he should and fain would hold fast. To the ear accustomed to listening to mortal mind suggestion, the voice of Truth may seem so very weak and indefinite that there is a sense of uncertainty as to its utterances. While there is an honest purpose and desire to emulate the Master, who said, "As the Father gave me commandment, even so I do," there seems to be difficulty in apprehending the commandment.

A demand for light and guidance in our lives is not unreasonable, and in fact it is granted before it is made. The teachings of Christian Science lay emphasis upon the truth that God is "not afar off," but is "the Father that dwelleth within." They declare that nothing but a false sense of life and of its values keeps us from the full realization of the harmony in which we really "live, and move, and have our being," and through these teachings we are furnished with an infallible test whereby we may distinguish between the true voice and the false. They make practical the truths whose statement is familiar to all Christendom; namely, that God is Mind, that God is supreme, that God is good; hence, that all true thought is good, Godlike; that the highest thought is the best, the highest good perceived by the human mind,—its present conception of the revelation of God, the perfect Mind.

May 27, 1911

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