Mrs. Eddy believed in God, and she believed that what...

Dawson (Minn.) Sentinel

Mrs. Eddy believed in God, and she believed that what Jesus said of Him was true. She believed that He had the power to heal all our diseases, as the Scripture says, and she attempted to give the world the benefit of her revelation. Those who have been humble and modest enough to acknowledge that their opinions on the subject of religion were not the final and exclusive judgment on that matter, have been able to catch glimpses of the revelation that came to Mrs. Eddy, and so today from all parts of the civilized world come the thousands upon thousands of grateful and indubitable testimonies of the force, efficacy, and power of the truth that she taught, not only to heal sickness, but to save from sin and misery.

Your correspondent's statements are entirely unwarranted, without foundation, and show a woful ignorance of the subject on which he writes. Nobody has ever been duped by Christian Science, nobody has ever been influenced to try it against his will or judgment, and it is a far cry from the proper definition of the term to call those people dupes who by the thousands gratefully acknowledge that they have received from Christian Science, in their very limited experience, more than they had ever gotten in all the preceding years from all other systems of the world, religious, philosophical, or medical.

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