An unprejudiced study of Christian Science would convince...

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An unprejudiced study of Christian Science would convince any one that it is the religion and gospel of Jesus Christ. It is in every sense of the word Christian, and abides by all the precepts as well as the practices laid down by the Master. It is in every sense of the word, therefore, a religion; and while Christian Science is a philosophy, it is a distinctly religious philosophy. Christian Science builds upon the corner-stone that God is the only Mind, Life, Truth, Love, the sole cause and creator of the universe. It rationally deduces all its conclusions from this major premise, and its minor premise, which is that creation is "after his kind." It is to be noted, then, that Christian Science is the Science of being, and in no wise contingent upon the coming or the going of any human personality. The demonstration of its truth must be upon a strictly impersonal basis, and the spread of Christian Science, which even its critics admit is phenomenal, has been attained solely upon its merits, and not by reason of any personality. True, Mrs. Eddy's was the guiding thought in founding the church activities, but she steadfastly adhered to the statement: "Follow your Leader, only so far as she follows Christ" (Messages to The Mother Church, p. 78).

Our critic states that what he regards as "modern substitutes" for the old gospel "never attack this great problem of sin." With all due respect for his opinion, permit me to say that, so far as the gospel of Christian Science is concerned, nothing could be farther from the truth. The emphatic purpose of Christian Science is the destruction of sin. In speaking of this, the Christian Science text-book says: "Today the healing power of Truth is widely demonstrated as an immanent, eternal Science, instead of a phenomenal exhibition. Its appearing is the coming anew of the gospel of 'on earth peace, good will toward men.' This coming, as was promised by the Master, is for its establishment as a permanent dispensation among men; but the mission of Christian Science now, as in the time of its earlier demonstration, is not primarily one of physical healing. Now, as then, signs and wonders are wrought in the metaphysical healing of physical diseases; but these signs are only to demonstrate its divine origin,—to attest the reality of the higher mission of the Christ-power to take away the sins of the world" (Science and Health, p. 150). The ranks of Christian Science number thousands who have been redeemed from dire distress and reclaimed from the many phases of evil.

Its students with one accord proclaim the wonderful spiritual benefit that has come to them, how that God seems more and more "a very present help in trouble." The Bible is a clearer book, and religion itself is something for their every-day use. No reformation since the dawn of the Christian era so attacks the problem of sin and stays its so-called activities as does the pure Christ-gospel of Christian Science.

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