A clergyman in your city took occasion recently to deliver...

Creston (Ia.) American

A clergyman in your city took occasion recently to deliver a sermon under the title, "Jesus versus Spiritualism and Christian Science." Just why he associated these two distinct and opposite teachings is not clear to Christian Scientists, and just why he assumed that Christian Science is opposed to the teachings of Jesus is equally obscure. As a matter of fact, there is no religious body which in its precepts and practice more nearly follows the exact teachings of our Master than do those known as Christian Scientists.

There are certain clearly defined precepts in the Christian religion as taught by Jesus Christ which are unmistakable. His whole mission during his brief experience as a preacher, teacher, and healer was to present to humanity the true gospel of salvation from sin, sickness, and death. Careful reading of the Scripture relating to Jesus' mission and as recording the works of his disciples and apostles, reveals the fact in a conclusive way that the necessity for overcoming disease and death was recognized as of equal importance with the necessity for overcoming sin. Thus we find recorded innumerable examples of this healing and saving ministry.

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