For a long time my wife and I had given up the orthodox...

For a long time my wife and I had given up the orthodox religion as unsatisfactory both to heart and reason, and although we very seldom spoke of religion, we were hungering after the truth both for ourselves and our children. One evening my wife returned home after paying a call, and I jokingly asked her, "Well, what is the latest scandal?" "We were not talking scandal," she answered; "but I have been hearing a good deal about Christian Scientists. It seems they are all so happy and that such wonderful cures have been effected by them." "Are they the people who don't believe in doctors, and who tell you you can't have a headache because you haven't a head?" I asked. "Never mind," she replied; "but let us go and judge for ourselves."

On Sunday we set off to see the "hysterical women and anemic young men" of whom we thought the congregation would be composed, and on reaching our destination a genial usher conducted us to a front seat and supplied us with books. The service was very different from what we had ever known, reverent and simple, and every one joined heartily in the singing. The women looked bright and healthy, and the young men were well built and would not have been easy customers in an attack. After the service was over one of the members asked us how we liked it, and after talking to us a little, finished by saying, "If you ask for bread, God will not give you a stone." When we came home it was with much food for reflection. On first reading Mrs. Eddy's book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," it seemed hard to understand and impossible to live up to, but little by little darkness gave way and the dawn broke. It seemed as if we had been walking in a valley dark with the mists of error; but now, although the darkness sometimes gathers again, we see the light of Truth illuminating our horizon.

Testimony of Healing
For the last eleven years our family of four has relied...
May 6, 1911

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