"The hour is come"

The working out of an afflictive condition to a harmonious conclusion is a refining process which removes the dross of materiality and reveals the pure metal of spirituality, even as gold is refined in the smelter. A problem may be thought of as an opportunity for greater growth, since the surmounting of obstacles serves to test the purity and strength of one's love. The overcoming of temptation proves in a practical manner the firmness and stability of one's loyalty and obedience. Many mortals, when confronted with problems difficult of solution, have cried with Job, "Oh that I knew where I might find him!" thereby indicating a desire for that understanding of God through which to find fulfillment of spiritual desire, protection from harm, relief from disease, lack, discord.

To such seekers, and to everyone confronted with inharmony, Christian Science brings the glad message that God is our tender Father-Mother, and that although the senses may testify to bleak distress, lack, or the prevalence of disease, one may prove that His goodness is present and available. Mary Baker Eddy, in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany," writes (p. 125), "The hour is come; the bride (Word) is adorned, and lo, the bridegroom cometh!" and asks, "Are our lamps trimmed and burning?"

Our Spiritual Unity with God
August 6, 1938

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