In a recent issue a minister, speaking before the Macon...

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In a recent issue a minister, speaking before the Macon Ministerial Association, is reported to have said: "Whenever religion becomes science, it fails as a religion. Science does not call for faith and that is what religion is based on, the kind of faith which makes you step out in the dark."

Perhaps this minister was referring to so-called material or physical science, which indeed may often fail to harmonize with true religion and religious faith. But surely there is spiritual Science, the Science of fixed, unerring, and eternal law by which the creator controls and governs His universe, and which men may grasp and apply in working out the perplexing problems of mortal, material existence; else how account for our Master's wonderful demonstrations of spiritual power. And what becomes of his statement, "If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"? By "truth" was he not referring to spiritual law, divine Science, which, when understood, would free mankind from subservience to false beliefs, or the so-called laws of erring mortal mind? Did he not apply spiritual law, or the Science of divine Mind, in direct opposition to so-called physical or material law when he walked on the waves, fed the multitudes, and performed his mighty healing works? And did he not say that those who believed on him should do the works he did, implying that he accomplished them through spiritual law or Science, which all may understand?

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