An article in your edition of Tuesday is given prominence...

Hongkong Telegraph

An article in your edition of Tuesday is given prominence under the heading, "Christian Scientists scorn to use divine fift of medicine." May I be granted space in your paper to reply?

Christian Scientists do not desire to enter into any controversy about their religion; it is, however, right that misrepresentations should be corrected. Christian Scientists would be the first to admit the nobility of the efforts of the medical faculty to alleviate mankind's sufferings. That the faculty is not able to do all that they would wish, does not detract from the nobility of their work. Nevertheless, Christ Jesus did not resort to medicine in his healings of "all manner of disease." His method was the spiritual method—"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"—free from all material ailments and limitations.

August 14, 1937

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