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Joy is an expression of deep-felt gratitude which one...

Joy is an expression of deep-felt gratitude which one wishes to share. Having received much, one has much to give. My family and I have received numerous blessings through Christian Science, among them mental and physical healings, including instantaneous healings of sprains, burns, headaches, throat trouble, and indigestion. Other difficulties have yielded more slowly, such as a belief of heredity manifested in a bladder weakness in one of my children. This healing was the road which opened to us the door of Truth.

Following that I was healed of the aftereffects of four major abdominal operations which had left me suffering severely and under the threat of becoming a bedridden invalid. The first week that I attended the Christian Science services, and learned that God is the great Healer, I rid my house of all the remedies which were around, and I accepted no more the fear mentioned above. A nose and throat catarrh, itching in the ears resulting in abscesses, a kind of eczema all over the body, all have given way before the systematic and faithful study of Christian Science.

There is an experience I should like to relate here, for it may perhaps help my fellow man, as I have been helped by the testimonies I have read in our periodicals and heard in our churches. Over two years ago, one Wednesday, while I pondered over Christian Science, the thought of sleep absorbed me, and the suggestion came to me that it was a kind of temporary death. This image of thought immediately manifested itself and my members lost all contact with my consciousness. I was alone in the house, and I could not make a move, but I was fully conscious of a voice saying to me: Life is God, God is my life, my work is not finished. Aloud I declared the truth, repeating "the scientific statement of being" (Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, p. 468) for about an hour. Then, dragging myself to the door by clinging to things, I succeeded in being able to ask for help, and a Scientist friend, a practitioner, freed me instantly from this lethargy and bondage. I am particularly grateful for this experience, for it was a real spiritual awakening.

Testimony of Healing
After about eleven years of experiencing God's great...
August 14, 1937

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