The reason I am grateful to Christian Science is that it...

The reason I am grateful to Christian Science is that it explained so much to me during the war, and answered so many puzzling questions. I have often been helped by the silent encouragement of the testimonies; and it is in the hope that it may help those who are still mentally troubled and perplexed that I send mine.

In 1914 I had come to a point where the words "I do not know" summed up my attitude towards life. The outbreak of war seemed to prove the futility of human creeds and doctrines, and apparently left nothing honestly possible for me but a skeptical attitude which made me doubt the existence of God and feel bitter towards orthodox concepts of Him. I can never be thankful enough that it was about this time my mother became interested in Christian Science and I began to read the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. At first I argued antagonistically and sat "in the seat of the scornful," because the state of the world declared so emphatically that tragedy was triumphant. But after reading the book through again and again I found many questions answered, and instead of aimlessly wondering why, I was beginning to understand. Here was a religion that did not ask one merely to believe in God, but to prove that He exists. It proclaimed His existence as divine Principle, to be individually discerned, acknowledged, and understood, and declared that accordingly we have the opportunity now to prove in some degree the essential perfection of the divine Mind. This teaching gave me the raison d'être I had been seeking, revealing the words and works of Jesus in such a new light that I was able to discover their practical meaning. I saw that Mrs. Eddy had not tried to appropriate Truth; but knowing, as she did, that men are capable of discerning a correct restatement of Truth, she dared to present it to the world so that they might again apply it with "signs following." As the hymn says,

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful for the privilege and opportunity of...
March 17, 1928

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