I have no doubt the reverend doctor in his remarks on...


I have no doubt the reverend doctor in his remarks on Christian Science in the Sunday edition of your paper, wished to be entirely fair; but at the same time I cannot agree with him that an inquirer needs "the guidance of a competent critic" in order to decide whether Christian Science is a sound religion or not. Thousands of persons of all grades of education have come to the conclusion that Christian Science is based strictly on the teachings of the Bible, including those of Christ Jesus, and they have reached this decision of themselves through personal study of the Bible in connection with the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. These persons, who in very many cases have been members of other religious organizations, have proved in their own experience that Christian Science is the most helpful, comforting, saving religion with which they have had to do. They have proved that their faith in God, which the Bible teaches, is, through their understanding of Christian Science, available to meet every problem of their lives. And they have proved this to their own satisfaction without the assistance of another who, if he fully understood the position of Christian Science with reference to what the reverend doctor names "the most obvious realities of human experience," might not be so willing to point out defects, not in this sound religious system, but in his own understanding of it.

The doctor's questioner does not need to be dependent on the mere opinion of another. Let him go into the homes of the followers of this religion, in whatever section of the world he himself may chance to be; let him make inquiry as to why they are Christian Scientists—what Christian Science has done for them—whether it has led them to greater love for God and greater trust in Him—whether through its teachings they have learned to love and to understand the Bible as they had never before been able to do—whether through its study they have not come into a greater love for their fellow-man. If the inquirer is in earnest in his desire to learn something about Christian Science, let him go to one of the Wednesday evening testimony meetings and listen to the words of gratitude of those who have been saved from lives of unhappiness and sickness, when there had appeared to them no release but the grave. Let him ponder the answers he will get to his inquiries, and he will at least be thankful to God that He has again revealed to men a sound system of religion which teaches and proves the availability of God as "a very present help in trouble," "who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases."

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