Signs of the Times

[Olive Roberts Barton, in the Arizona Republican, Phoenix] Gold-star mothers ... read of the futility of peace treaties, and see in the moving-picture theaters still greater evidences of present world armament; it is small wonder that they cry bitterly, "Oh, why do they go on? Is there never to be any lasing peace? Is there to be war forever?" They are thinking of other mothers with growing sons, and of what the future may bring to them. They had hoped that the sacrifice of their own loved ones would free the world from future wars, and now it all seems as though that sacrifice had been wasted. ... It seems that nations still hate each other with bitterness. Races hate, creeds hate, factions hate. Diplomats do what they can, but diplomats cannot stop war—always. But something has happened. Have we found the answer? Roger Babson, that man of facts and figures and certainties, published recently an interview that he had with Dr. Charles Steinmetz, ... the man who dealth in electric miracles, star power, and chemical wizardry. Mr. Babson asked Dr. Steinmetz a simple question: "What line of research will see the greatest development during the next fifty years?" And the good doctor, after careful thought, replied: "Mr. Babson, I think the greatest discovery will be along spiritual lines. Some day people will learn that material things do not bring happiness and are of little use in making men and women creative and powerful. Then the scientists of the world will turn their laboratories over to the study of God. When this day comes the world will see more advancement in one generation than in the past four." Does it look now as though our ideals for ending war had been lost? I think not. And as for the future, may not mothers with sons take comfort?

March 17, 1928

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