In "The People's Column" of your recent issue, a contributor...


In "The People's Column" of your recent issue, a contributor has presented such a curious medley of concepts of God, that his reference to "the god invented by Mary Baker Eddy" is not so greatly to be wondered at. Let it be said here, however, that Mrs. Eddy could never be justly charged with any such invention. But she has brought to the world a most satisfying understanding of God. In her various writings she has given us an understanding of God as divine Love, as the ever present Father-Mother, feeding, sustaining, guiding, guarding, and governing with the tender love of which the Psalmist has spoken: "The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works." Indeed, were the Christian Science concept of God as all-good more generally understood, our mortal experience would not seem such a precarious existence. On pages 3 and 4 of her book "Unity of Good" Mrs. Eddy has written: "Now this selfsame God is our helper. He pities us. He has mercy upon us, and guides every event of our careers. He is near to them who adore Him." Elsewhere she has said (No and Yes, p. 30), "God pities our woes with the love of a Father for His child,—not by becoming human, and knowing sin, or naught, but by removing our knowledge of what is not."

It is God who was the intimate friend and counselor of Moses, the support of the Israelites in their liberation from the bondage of Egypt, who wrought mighty wonders at the hands of His servants Elijah and Elisha, who delivered David from the Philistine giant and Daniel from the lions, and whose love is so universal and powerful that by its means Christ Jesus healed the sick, fed the multitudesm walked on the water, and even raised the dead on several occasions, including his own resurrection. It is God's eternal goodness and availability which enabled the Master to promise, "He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do: because I go unto my Father." To-day this promise is being fulfilled in ever increasing measure, because of the absolute reliance on God taught by Mrs. Eddy in Christian Science.

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