It is with much gratitude that I bear witness to the healing,...

It is with much gratitude that I bear witness to the healing, regenerating power of Christian Science, which has fulfilled the hope of years, the desire for a true religion, one that really satisfies. My thought was opened to the truth, and such a glorious light filled my consciousness that life indeed seemed to have begun anew.

During the first two or three years many physical disorders and mental inharmonies have yielded quietly to this divine influence. I have been permanently freed from severe colds, which made speaking very difficult; attacks of toothache have been quickly overcome; a wasp sting was healed in a few minutes through the realization of Love's presence. Through the study of Christian Science I have been enabled to prove, in some degree at least, that we may ask for and receive sufficient intelligence to do the work we have to do, even though it may be along new and untried lines. An unhappy and unloving outlook upon life has given way to a more happy, healthful one.

Testimony of Healing
I could not begin to enumerate all the blessings we have...
March 17, 1928

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