My great love for animals often used to get me into trouble. Whenever I saw a man beat or abuse a horse, sometimes overloaded or sick, my indignation knew no bounds, and I would go full tilt for the driver, a proceeding which invariably brought in return his opinion of me, usually delivered in no complimentary manner—Greek meeting Greek. Under these conditions, although I meant well, nothing was accomplished in the right direction, but very much in the wrong.

Just about this time I commenced to read Science and Health, and then for the first time I learned of the eternal Mind which governs the universe and man. I saw that God gave man dominion, not over his brother but over the animal, and that he was to govern him in love, not in fear or with the lash. A short time after this I had an opportunity to put my new-born understanding into practice. One day, as I turned out of Broadway into Fulton street, I saw a great crowd of people gathered, and wagons and cars were stalled. I made my way through the crowd, and found that the center of attraction was a large drayhorse, whose refusal to go on with his load was blocking up the street. He had been lashed with the whip and otherwise ill-treated, and every driver and car-conductor was adding his condemnation. Finally some one proposed to set a fire under him, and one of the men ran into a store to get material for this purpose.

July 24, 1909

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