I am a man fifty-seven years old

I am a man fifty-seven years old. In 1907 I was under medical treatment all winter, but did not get much help. My wife had been interested in Christian Science for a number of years, and I decided I would throw all my medicine away and turn to it for help. A Christian Science practitioner treated me absently for a week, and I was healed.

One morning in June 1907, I went out on the mountain for a load of wood. I met another wagon and turned out to let it pass. It was loaded with ties, which struck my horses; they shied and went down a bank about three hundred feet. I fell first on the horses, then was caught under the wagon, the seat striking me in the back. I was rolled over for about forty feet, and all I could think of was, "God help me!" The man who was with me said he did not expect to find me alive, but he called to me, "Are you hurt?" I said, "I will soon be all right." I then repeated the Lord's Prayer, sat up, and felt better, although I had seemingly received some terrible injuries. I was taken home, and all our friends said we must get a doctor, but I did not want one. About nine o'clock the conditions became so alarming that my wife felt she needed help, and telephoned to a Christian Science practitioner in Denver. This lady treated me, and the hemorrhage ceased. The practitioner came to see me once, and treated me one week absently. The discoloration and swelling of my right leg was about all gone in one week, and through all this experience I suffered very little. In six weeks I was hauling tourists around again, and feeling fine.

Testimony of Healing
I give this testimony with sincere gratitude for all that...
December 26, 1908

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