In the spring of 1889 I was suffering from a disease...

In the spring of 1889 I was suffering from a disease pronounced lung trouble. There were weeks that I coughed continually, and I was unable to turn myself in bed. I had become very much wasted, and almost wished for death, if that would deliver me from my misery. My friends all told me that something must be done or I would not last long, but what that "something" was I did not know. I was at the time under the care of a prominent physician, but was receiving no benefit whatever. Finally man's extremity proved to be God's opportunity, Word was sent me by a friend that a lady was coming to our town who healed without medicine, and that she was going to hold a class and teach Christian Science healing. I grasped at the thought of healing as a drowning man would grasp at a straw, and when the lady came, which was on a Thursday, I sought her that I might be healed. The following Sunday I seemed to be in very bad condition. I went to bed early in the afternoon, and lay there, suffering extremely, until about eight in the evening, when suddenly, like a ray of light bursting through a cloudy sky, the healing came instantaneously. I shall never forget my sense of freedom at that time. I rose, dressed myself, went down-stairs, and asked for some supper, which greatly surprised my friends. From that time until now the disease has never returned.

I would also like to tell of the healing of our little boy, our only child at that time. He was suffering from a dreaded disease; and the verdict given by the physician was that he had never known of but one case of this disease where the child lived to be ten years old. My son is now twenty-one and is a picture of health. This healing was simply the result of our understanding of Truth. Our daughter at the age of eight was healed of a serious illness in three days' treatment. I could write very much more of ills that have been met and overcome through Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I am a man fifty-seven years old
December 26, 1908

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