Nine years ago a friend gave me a copy of Science and Health...

Nine years ago a friend gave me a copy of Science and Health to read while he was at church. After reading in it two hours I returned it to him with the remark that it would take eternity to understand that book. Then about five or six years ago another friend told me of what Christian Science had done for him and his family. I promised him that I would go to some of the services on a Sunday and Wednesday. I scarcely know what sickness or physical pain is, but all my life I have had the mental unrest that sent me searching for something to lay hold of strongly enough to dominate my life. When quite a youth I refused to dominate my life. the university because I did not believe in eternal punishment, etc., and I would not preach what I did not believe. That was a great sacrifice, for I was fond of study, so much that for the next ten years I studied at night schools, among the natural science, besides delving into spiritualism, theosophy, and all kinds of "isms." I did not study the Bible, for that I had read at school and had early found that few men even tried to practise what Christ Jesus taught; so there could be no gain in reading it. What a sham and a farce life appeared to me. Eat, drink, be merry, and take your punishment at death like a man,—it is inevitable. Such was my philosophy, and my religion was to strive to leave my friends a little merrier, if not happier, than when I met them.

Such was my condition when I attended, for the first time, a Christian Science with I was struck with the evident truthfulness with which each person told of his or her healing. From that day attended every Sunday and Wednesday service that I could get to, and procured some of the literature, including Science and Health. The reading of these and attending the services kept me from drinking whiskey for nearly two years. After the last fierce struggle one or two treatments in Science completed the cure and gained the victory.

Testimony of Healing
It is over five years since I first became interested in...
April 28, 1906

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