In the spring of 1901 I was in Dawson, Y. T.

In the spring of 1901 I was in Dawson, Y. T. After I had stood the harsh winter splendidly, I arose one Monday morning full of aches and pains, which soon developed into a case of the grip. I went about my work, however, but each day found me worse than the preceding one, though I resented every effort on the part of the employes to lighten my rather heavy duties. By Friday I could hardly stand on my feet, and a quick movement would send me dizzily to the floor. By noon I really thought I was going to die, and I was wild because I could see the anxiety that my friends were showing, although, on account of my well-known temper, they were timid about saying much.

I knew that a lady, who lived live miles off, would help me, if she knew of my serious trouble; and about noon, as I stood in front of my office, the husband of this Scientist came down the Street. As he was passing by he caught sight of my face, and asked what was the matter. I begged him to ask his wife to help me as soon as he got home, which he said would be about two o'clock. The hours passed, but no relief was found, and at just eight o'clock I went to bed. In an instant all pain left me, every muscle relaxed. I immediately sank into a deep slumber, and awoke in the morning feeling that I would be stating what was strictly correct in telling my friends that I was well. All day I wondered why it took so long to meet my case, and the following day being Sunday, I went to solve the mystery. I then learned that my friend did not reach home till after six o'clock, and that it was eight when his wife began to treat me.

April 28, 1906

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