Infinite Resources

We occasionally hear people say that a certain article in our periodicals has been very helpful to them and that they would like to give it to some friend, but that it is now out of print, and they cannot understand why this should be so. Not long ago, after hearing something of the kind said, I wondered why articles that are so helpful are not kept on hand. I then recalled those familiar words from Science and Health. p. 60, "Soul hath infinite resources wherewith to bless mankind." At once I thought. That is the reason we do not need to go back two or three or more years to find a certain article to help us. We have the same resources here and now, and we do not need to go back a few years or wait a few years. The help is at hand, now; so for me the question was settled. This brought to mind a time when a friend, who had just come into Christian Science, asked me if I would find among my old Journals an article which had been recommended to her as being very helpful. I found it and we read it many times. I think it was not more than a week later that an article appeared in the Journal which was just as helpful to me, if not more so, and my friend said, "Why this is about as good as the other one." In a short time another came out in the Sentinel which was equally as good. This showed me that I am not dependent upon any one article, for the resources are infinite. If certain articles are out of print, there are others equally good "wherewith to bless mankind," and far beyond any of these articles in helpfulness are our text-book, Science and Health, and the Church Manual, which we have with us always.

Angel Messages
April 28, 1906

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