Universal Respect for Mrs. Eddy

Concord ( N. H.) Monitor

The special correspondent of the Portland Express, who has been touring New Hampshire during the past month, in the course of a letter dated from Concord has this to say concerning our best-known and best-beloved resident:—

"I find in Concord a general, I think I may say a universal, respect for Mrs. Eddy, the head of the Christian Science church. Her views are not held by any larger proportion of her fellow-citizens, so far as I can judge, than one will find in almost any city of the Union, but they all have a good word to say for her, and the stranger is told, almost as soon as he begins to make inquiries about what is to be seen in the city, that Mrs. Eddy may be seen out upon her daily drive between two and three o'clock every afternoon. Wind and weather make no difference to her. Be it ever so rainy, or snowy, or blustering, she rides just the same. They say she has not missed a day for no one knows how long, if ever."—Concord (N. H.) Monitor.

Prayers and Drugs
April 28, 1906

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