I wish to express my love and gratitude for Christian Science

I wish to express my love and gratitude for Christian Science. For two years before I looked into its teachings, I was afflicted with a most tenacious form of bladder trouble, for which I tried doctors and drugs continually, but the cause of the trouble could never be located, and drugs would produce the contrary effect upon me to what the doctor expected. Not until Christian Science came to my rescue did I get permanent relief; then it dawned upon me that it was the mental which had to be corrected. I had treatment, and was helped, and for this I feel much gratitude; but I found that I had to work out my own salvation, and good hard work it was, at times. I found a great deal of error to correct. Self-love, resentment, bitterness, and many evil tendencies,—all of which were like so many poisons, to be antidoted by the Christ-mind. Each attack of pain became less real to me; then I began to know where I stood and could work from my understanding of divine Principle. The belief in various physical laws had to be broken, and I had to realize clearly that the spiritual law is expressed in harmony alone. Many a time I have had to declare this while walking the floor in agony, to human sense, but I have proved it in this very way and many others, although it was a fight. What joy and freedom is ours when we gain the victory and prove that we are governed by the Principle of heavenly harmony. Mortals gain nothing without a struggle, and why should we expect to gain dominion over the flesh without one, or more than one. I cannot close without expressing my deep love for our Leader in Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy, who has upheld the light of this great truth that all who are ready might come and receive its blessings. —ELIZABETH BARLOW HOYT, New York, N. Y.

Testimony of Healing
With loving gratitude I add my testimony to the many...
April 28, 1906

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