"By their fruits"

It is an encouraging sign of the times that the demand for Christian works and Christian living rather than for mere profession is becoming more insistent, and this demand is well expressed by the Medford (Ore.) Daily Tribune in the following editorial. The Tribune says:—

"There has been a great deal of acrimony developed over recent newspaper opinions regarding Christian Science. Religious controversy will exist, no doubt, as long as men continue to think that religion can be expressed in words. Religion must be lived not professed, and it has been our observation that Christian Scientists give quite as much evidence of true religion as do the followers of any known creed or doctrine. No religious organization, nor any member of any organization, is in any position to throw stones at another. Professing Christians generally live in glass houses, and their every act is known of men. How foolish of any member to imagine that only his Sunday actions are observed. The admonition to avoid judging men is the one least heeded of all. It seems to be second nature for men to sit in judgment upon others. The error of this would be greatly lessened if all men were judged by their actions six days in the week and their Sunday manners ignored entirely. Most men act in an unnatural manner on Sundays, anyway, and wear their religious views on Sunday only, and with about the same degree of comfort with which they wear a new pair of shoes.

The Building Fund
April 28, 1906

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