Christian Science as Common Sense

Whosoever imagines that because Christian Science is metaphysical, it can be understood only by those who have special intellectual gifts, altogether mistakes its nature. Such an one is harboring a false sense of Christian Science, and is liable to deprive himself of the great benefits which are readily accessible to every sincere seeker for Truth.

Practical tests prove Christian Science to be just what its name implies, the Science of Christianity, and its terms and definitions become luminous with meaning in the light of its practice, in the course of its actual application to daily needs. It is not set apart for a favored few. It does not inculcate nor favor intellectual pride, but on the contrary undermines and then brushes aside this stumbling-block to the finding of the straight and narrow path of righteousness or right thinking. Christian Science is for all who will admit the existence of its Principle, God, and follow its rules. In contradistinction to the involved and incomprehensible hypotheses of materialism and of sterile philosophy, Christian Science stands for straightforward and provable spiritual truth and is the essence of common sense.

The Unmarred Image
April 28, 1906

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