Having received so much benefit through Christian Science,...

Having received so much benefit through Christian Science, I feel it time to add my testimony to the power of Truth. Some thirty-two years ago I met with an accident which caused me great suffering. My spine was affected so that at times I would be almost distracted with my back and head. As years rolled on, the suffering became more intense and frequent. Some very fine physicians diagnosed the case, and all would trace it back to the accident as the cause. They did all they could to relieve me, but could not heal me. I was also afflicted with dropsical rheumatism. Besides that I had heart trouble, nervous prostration, indigestion, and constipation. At last I became melancholy, and did not want even best friend to come near me.

While in this state Christian Science was brought to me by one who told me that I could be healed. She talked beautifully to me God,—divine Love,—and that man is governed by divine law; that God's likeness is spiritual, and cannot be sick or suffer. I decided to give Christian Science a trial. The practitioner said I should read Science and Health. I informed her that I could not read, that I had lost my memory and could not remember a line after I had read it; but she insisted upon my trying, so I began, and through it I came to know God as all Life, Truth, Love. I kept on reading, and grew stronger daily. This was in September, 1900. In a few weeks I was as one born anew and as bright and cheerful as a young girl. At last I attended a Wednesday evening meeting, and found to my amazement a large church, filled with some of the finest people in the city. I inhaled the atmosphere of love and listened to the testimonies of what Truth had done for one and another; of the blind who were made to see, the lame to walk, etc. I decided to have treatment for my eyes, and in less than one month I was doing fine needle work without my glasses. My friends scoffed at me, and said I would be as ill as ever in a short time; but it has been five years, and I have had but one return of my old ailments and that was overcome in less than an hour.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my love and gratitude for Christian Science
April 28, 1906

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