An editorial in the Sentinel of September 30, 1905, in regard...

An editorial in the Sentinel of September 30, 1905, in regard to humanity's intense fear of consumption, reminded me of the great benefit I have received from Christian Science. I know the suffering which this disease brings, but it is more terrible still to see a loved one shrink from his friends because he knows their fear of contagion. My husband suffered from this disease, and I nursed him for a year and a half. For days at a time I would not leave him for longer than a few minutes, day or night, and for months I did not leave the house. I was told that I was running a great risk, but I thank God that my love never faltered.

The deep sorrow caused by my husband's death, and other troubles, led me to investigate Christian Science. I saw at once that it was the true religion and I turned absolutely to it for comfort and healing. I received both, and a peace that passeth understanding. I had been reading only a few months when I was suddenly taken with many of the symptoms I knew so well and from which I had seen my husband suffer. I realized what it was and was very much afraid, the fear being greater because this disease had been in my own family, my father's brother having passed away with it. As my family and friends with whom I lived were not favorably disposed towards Christian Science, I said nothing to any one, but asked a Christian Science practitioner to give me treatment. I was healed in a very short time, and the awful dread and fear has gradually disappeared until I am entirely free from its bondage. Since this healing, nine years ago, I have had excellent health, and am strong and well.

Testimony of Healing
Having received so much benefit through Christian Science,...
April 28, 1906

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