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The following message was sent on the 16th by President Roosevelt to their Imperial Majesties, the Empress Dowager and the Emperor of China, Pekin, in commemoration of the opening of the last link of the Postal Telegraph and Cable Company's cable connecting the United States and China:

"I gladly take the opportunity afforded by the auspicious completion of the last link in the new American cable that joins the Pacific coast of this country to the Far East, to offer to your majesties my congratulations upon the achievement of a work that must needs contribute to the high purpose of bringing our two Governments and peoples closer together in the bonds of mutual understanding and lasting concord. It is fitting that this fresh tie between the Western and Eastern continents should begin its happy service by bearing a message of good will, and I voice the earnest wish of this Government and of my countrymen for the happiness and welfare of your majesties and for the continued prosperity of the Chinese Empire and of your great people."

Christian Science as Common Sense
April 28, 1906

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