It is our duty as well as our privilege to let the world...

It is our duty as well as our privilege to let the world know what great things God does daily for His children through Christian Science. We cannot express the gratitude we feel to God, and to His servant, Mrs. Eddy, for the benefits we receive. We wish especially to speak of the healing of our little boy, who was then two and a half years of age. On a Thursday he complained of not being able to walk and in the evening there was a large red spot on his leg. During the night he seemed to have a high fever, and we had to telephone for treatment. Next morning his leg was swollen and all red, and Friday, at midnight, he was, to sense much worse. He seemed to be passing through the valley of the shadow, and there was no time to send for help. My husband laid the child on a pillow and carried him, audibly declaring the allness of God, while I read aloud from Science and Health, perhaps for an hour or more, when the child went to sleep. The words of Truth calmed our fear and troubled thought, and we could feel the presence of God.

Next morning there were great blisters on his leg, and it was swollen and red. Saturday morning the practitioner came to the house, and again that evening, and stayed with us all night. Sunday was indeed a dark day, and at eight o'clock at night there was a severe struggle for some time; then he went to sleep and slept well all night. We knew then that the demonstration was made; the blisters broke, and the fever was gone. Truth alone had done the work!

Testimony of Healing
About five years ago Christian Science was introduced to...
April 28, 1906

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