To know what to do and the proper time to do it is an ability that can be gained through Christian Science. What is known as timing is necessary in all phases of our everyday existence. The student of Christian Science has the practical means whereby he can decide intelligently the right course to take and the right moment to make the move. He can never do the wrong thing at the right time or the right thing at the wrong time if he humbly turns to God and listens for the ever-present still small voice, the same voice Elijah heard after the wind, earthquake, and fire had receded.

In our efforts to be guided rightly we must give credit for successful moves to God, and not believe that luck or chance had anything to do with them. The world in its ignorance believes in what it calls fortune, both good and bad. Can God be both right and wrong? What is chance? Is it a just power? Does luck reward diligence, love, faithfulness? No. The belief of chance or fortune must be nothing more than superstition based upon fear of the unknown.

October 13, 1951

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