The inspiration which accompanies a physical healing in...

The inspiration which accompanies a physical healing in Christian Science establishes in one's consciousness the eternal unfoldment of ever-present good. Many years ago I experienced a physical healing and received a precious message of regeneration. Jesus said, "The bread of God is he which cometh down from heaven, and giveth life unto the world." This bread of Life to me was the awakening to the great spiritual fact that God is the only Life. As our dear Leader, Mrs, Eddy, writes in Science and Health (Pref., p. vii), "The only guarantee of obedience is a right apprehension of Him whom to know aright is Life eternal."

As a very young man I left Australia, and was on active service for three years. I was discharged a wreck, suffering pain, at times seemingly almost beyond endurance. My case, like many others of its nature, was described as hopeless, which the pain and distress amply endorsed. The truth of man's extremity being God's opportunity became apparent to me when I explained my troubles to a Christian Science practitioner. Never shall I forget the calm reassurance that flooded into my war-devastated thought, when it was explained to me that God is the only Life there is, the only Life there ever was. Logically, I perceived that God, Life, never knew war, or anything that could be demoralized or be in pain. As the fear subsided, my health returned. I began to find hope, and my past experiences were not allowed to come into thought. Resolutely, with an eagerness illumined with gratitude, I began to apprehend Him aright. The returning glow of health became so noticeable that a friend remarked how well and changed I looked. A deep love and appreciation also began to grow in my thought for God, our "very present help in trouble," revealed through the Scriptures and the writings of Mrs. Eddy.

Testimony of Healing
In an hour of great need I found Christian Science
April 20, 1940

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