Spiritual Dominion versus Human Domination

The Christian Scientist is in possession of an incomparable weapon for the handling and correcting of human difficulties. What is this weapon? It is the truth about real being. Christian Science reveals the truth of God's allness, the truth that good is infinite, and from this it draws the inevitable conclusion that evil is unreal. Moreover, Christian Science is teaching mankind that the understanding that God, good, is infinite and evil unreal, makes possible the rectification of all human wrongs.

Christian Science also reveals that God is infinite Love. This means that Love is the only real power, and that, consequently, Love protects, governs, and guides the entire spiritual universe. Man, therefore, as God's idea, God's image or reflection, is under the perpetual government and guidance of God. With this understanding one is able to deny all error, all that is unlike Truth and Love, in human affairs and relationships. Nothing that savours of evil, nothing that seems to afflict, nothing that appears to disturb harmony and peace, has real existence, and therefore it can be denied and overcome.

"Let us also walk in the Spirit"
October 8, 1938

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