Extracts from Reports of Christian Science Committees on Publication

A radio manager in Maryland who broadcasts "The Monitor Views the News" gave a talk to the Kiwanis Club in Virginia last February on the subject of his radio programs. He spoke also of The Christian Science Monitor. Some of his statements as reported by one present are as follows: "I am not a Christian Scientist, and am not familiar with the Christian Science religion, but I do know The Christian Science Monitor, and excepting none, it is the finest paper published in the world today. The greatest journalists all over the world agree that it ranks first in journalism. It is a paper we can give our children to read. It gives the unbiased world news and does not blazon its headlines with crime."

The following instance of healing was given by the young man, a Scientist, who had expeienced it. He had fallen and sprained his wrist. His superior, seeing the condition, sent him to the company's infirmary. The nurse in charge became alarmed and sent him to a bone specialist for an X ray. When he got home he telephoned to a practitioner for treatment. She replied that in two minutes a Christian Science program was going on the air. She told him to listen to it and see what the result would be. He said that while he was listening to the program he was healed of the sprain and took off the bandages, rejoicing in his freedom.

Spiritual Dominion versus Human Domination
October 8, 1938

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