The teachings of Christian Science inculcate the true spirit of tolerance—not the condoning of error, but the loving look which sees, beyond the mist of materiality, the real purpose of Christliness in our brother's motives and acts. This worthy attitude of expectancy produces a remedial effect both upon ourselves and upon those in need of such kindly understanding. Who does not long to feel the friendly touch of tender compassion at a time when discordant material sense may be arguing that our best efforts are being misunderstood, or, perhaps, that some task lovingly performed has not been accorded proper recognition?

Innumerable instances could be related as to the healing of differences by Christian Science, through giving us a broader vision and a more loving attitude toward our fellow men. In one home, where a feeling of antagonism was shown toward what some members of the family believed Christian Science to be, this false impression was entirely overcome through the steadfast clinging to Truth by one member of the family who had tasted the efficacy and availability of God's power and willingness to heal. A happy result of this earnest endeavor was that during a critical illness permission was granted for a loved one to receive treatment from a Christian Science practitioner; and a quick and beautiful healing followed, which was regarded with amazement by neighbors and friends, who admitted they had not expected this one to recover. Not only was physical healing speedily effected, but much of the former prejudice against Christian Science and its Discoverer and Founder, Mary Baker Eddy, melted away. Those who had thought they disapproved of this teaching began to correct misstatements in regard thereto when made in their presence.

The Fast
August 24, 1935

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