Healing Paramount

Throughout the whole range of human existence no experience approximates the conviction, power, and joy which accompany conclusive Christian Science healing. Nothing else so instantly and decisively reveals to human thought the divine nature and beneficent character of the Supreme Being as the quick and permanent healing of some severe malady through the prayer of Christian Science. In fact, many persons have received their first satisfactory proof of God through Christian Science healing.

One who had been an atheist from boyhood, becoming affilicted with incurable ills, finally turned to Christian Science. He entered a practitioner's office an atheist. He came out an atheist. However, when he awoke the next morning, healed, instantly he became aware that he had touched something tremendous; that this something lay entirely beyond the ken of the physical senses; that it was wholly beneficent. Then, like a flash came the conviction, "Why, this is God!"

Circulation of Right Ideas
August 24, 1935

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